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Terms of Service

  • Any Packages with each brand represented by FAA are offered on our website only and require 100% payment upfront before commencement.

  • FAA and the brands represented provide no guaranteed timeframe for the completion of the emerging designer packs as finish dates will rely on input and communication from the client.

  • The client has 2 weeks from receiving the toile to complete the review document and advise any changes before approving the toile.

  • Any amendments to the toile sample have to be submitted to the manufacturer in writing and all specifications and tech packs updated. Requests for design alterations and or amendments to patterns that did not form part of the initial pattern design brief will incur additional charges.

  • The packages include an outline number of samples. Any additional sampling can be requested and charged as an additional cost.

  • Should the client wish to proceed with production, they will need to approve a quote from our design team, approve an order docket and make payment. Terms and conditions for production will be provided on a separate contract and are not included as part of the pre-production packages.

  • None of the following is included in this emerging designer package: Fabric, Special trim, Artwork, Dyeing, Digital printing, Screen printing, Embroidery, Custom fabric packaging and Labels – Including strike offs or shipping.

  • FAA/ EDC reserves the right to add a surcharge to complicated design in production, as assessed by our production team. This may include but is not limited to garments with extensive or complicated trims or garments that have a high number of pattern pieces.

  • Once the manufacturer has completed the work paid for by the client. They are under no further obligation to continue the relationship with the client should they choose.

  • All package services are available to the client, if the client chooses not to utilize the included services no discount will be offered.

  • All quotes provided by the FAA or EDC from suppliers and our factory are subject to change. Quoted prices are valid for one month from the date of issue. Due to supplier demand and local conditions, quoted prices can fluctuate over time.

  • If 6 weeks have passed without communication with FAA or EDC your package becomes void and you will have to begin the process again for the same or other designs. You may request an extension in timelines with the understanding that prices may change to your quotes and will have to be revisited at the agreed-upon date.

  • By making payment the client acknowledges they have understood the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

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